Getting Started…..


I am starting this blog to capture the crafty side of me.  Let me introduce you to Charlie the future bald eagle.  When the picture was taken by yours truly in Ketchican Alaska, he was a young chap on a journey toward adult status.  His coloring will change as he ages and when he is 5 years old, he will have the white feathers on his head that grants him the title “Bald Eagle”.

Why did I choose this picture?  Because it represents my infancy in the world of crafting and sharing it with the world.  And, because I took the picture.  Crafting is just a part of my spiritual journey.  It is the part of me that gets to try different things, wear my heart on my sleeve and forget about all of the “adult” things I have to do each day.  From creating greetings cards, to knitting and crocheting; from photography to writing poetry; from art journaling to jewelry making, I enjoy the process, the journey to learn more about the craft and myself.

I love, love, love doing many things, some better than others, but the sheer effort it takes is so healing.  As I learn more about blogging I am sure I will write more often and share more of my work.  Next month, I will post copies of the books I made for ArtFest.  I can’t show them now, because I want them to be a surprise (more about ArtFest later).  I am so excited because I actually designed and completed the process.

I hope you will come back often and share your creative talents.